Run your own Faucet!

Running a Faucet is no easy task… Running a profitable Faucet is even harder!

This guide will run through the basics of owning and maintaining a Faucet!

What you’ll need!

- $50 (Approx. $30 for 3 months web hosting and domain name and $20 for a starting faucet wallet)

- Faucet script (Free! however you can purchase some paid ones online)

Faucethub account

- Ability to purchase and transfer cryptocurrency (I recommend Coinbase)

Web hosting and Domain

You’ll need to obtain web hosting whether it be from free sources such as 000webhost or a more reliable and trusted web hosting such as godaddy.

1. Go on over to godaddy or your chosen hosting provider and sign up for an account. (Click here to register to Once you’ve signed up Navigate to Products > Websites > Plans & Pricing

2. Purchase a suitable plan, and continue through until you have purchased web hosting

3. Purchase a domain! Navigate to Products > Domains > Domain Name search and choose a suitable plan! This doesn’t have to be expensive you can purchase 1 year for $5!

4. Link your domain to the webhosting you just purchased, this can be done through Profile > Control panel links > Manage hosting

5. Once your domain is linked to your host, Congratulations! You are now 1 step away from running a faucet!

Faucet Script and Installation

1. Research different scripts and choose one you like! I recommend starting off with “Faucet in a box r98“as it has a beginner friendly interface and has everything you need to begin!

2. Once you’ve downloaded a script you like, extract it into a folder, now head back to godaddy and navigate to your cPanel settings, do this by going to My products> Domains > select your domain > Domain settings > Manage Hosting > Click the 3 dots on the side of your domain > Settings > cPanel Admin

3. You should see a bunch of things that look scary at first but don’t worry, you’ll slowly begin to understand in no time! Navigate to MySQL Databases

4. Look for Create New Database, Once you’ve spotted it name the database to whatever you like and click “Create”

5. Scroll down until you see MySQL users, similarly create a User to whatever you like and fill out the appropriate passwords. Click “Create”

6. Now add user to database, select the user and select the database and click “Add”

7. Head back to the Faucet script you just downloaded, Inside should be a file named “config” Right click this file and edit with notepad or similar.

8. Search inside this file for these 3 lines:

$dbuser = "NameofDatabaseUSER";

$dbpass = "PasswordforUSER";

$dbname = "NameofDatabase";

Edit appropriately to your own Database details and click save.

9. Select the Faucetinabox folder, right click and click compress to .zip (Do this with a software called 7zip) Make sure it is a .zip and not a .7z file!!

10. Go back to cPanel and click File manager located in “Files”

11. Navigate to public_html, Once you’re inside this folder uploaded the .zip file of your faucet to the directory, once it is uploaded right click and click “extract”. Click inside the extracted folder and move (right click to select) the contents to /public_html.

12. Congratulations! Your site is now uploaded to cPanel!

13. To finalise installation, search your website domain in google, once it’s loaded you should see a password, copy this down and continue onto next step!

Integrating with FaucetHub

1. log onto Faucethub or signup here, Click on menu > User > Faucet manager and continue through the process of linking your website with Faucethub!

2. Look for api key on Faucethub Faucet manager settings, copy this

3. Return to your website and go through the administration settings logging on with the password you previously saved.

4. On the front page of the admin panel paste your Faucethub api key into its box, scroll down and click save.

5. Here you can configure your website, Primary coin, change its name, description, payouts etc.

Configuring payouts

In order to get your faucet running you will need to have:

1) connected your Faucethub api key to your faucet.

2) enabled a captcha on the captcha settings of admin panel (I recommended solve media)

3) Have available coins in your Faucethub wallet, this is where all your coins will be sent from

Once all the above is complete you now have an active faucet

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