Faucet Monetisation

So you've opened up a faucet on faucethub and want to learn the best way to monetise it? Below I will list the different methods of monetising and recommended websites I use to generate income!

1. Shortlinks

Shortlinks are one of the main sources of income especially with smaller faucets. Shortlinks are essentially links which redirect from a page on your website to an advertising platform. Once on the advertising platform users will usually have to click through a quick anti bot captcha which will return them to your site. Shortlinks typically pay $3-5 per 1000 views.

I recommend Uiz , Personally they've paid me $4 per 1000 views, I recommend them because they have a short captcha process which is great for user experience. They also pay to Paypal, bitcoin, payeer, payoneer, webmoney and international bank transfer via WU. They also have a small withdrawal limit of $3.

2. Ad Networks

Another major income stream for faucets are Ad networks, although many are difficult to get approved while starting out a faucet which is why I recommend A-Ads. A-Ads has direct integration with Faucethub which means they pay instantly and have no withdrawal limits! They have a simple User interface and pay up to 4000 satoshi per 1000 views.

Another Great Advertising platform once you get a little bigger is ezoic .They are great because they accept faucets and optimise your site to generate the most revenue, I still have little experience with them but so far, the Paypal payouts have been great! averaging $3-5 per 1000 Views and up to $10+ CPM depending on the ad type! They also have a large advertisement database since they are a Google partnered website!

3. Mining

Website mining has been around for quite a while now; however they have quite negative connotation to them especially due to secretive mining such as coinhive. The reason I recommend JSE-coin is because it is a low intrusion / OPT-in service which is fully transparent to the user. Payouts are similar to shortlinks $2-4 per 1000 visits However they pay in JSE coin, therefore you will need to exchange it on an exchange site like coingecko or similar.

Reflink: https://autodogecentral.co/?r=Your_Address

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